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Your Trusted Phoenix AZ Drain Cleaning Company

Drain Cleaning Phoenix AZ - API Plumbing At API Plumbing, we are your trusted drain cleaning phoenix AZ plumbing company. The drainpipes in your home are the single most important component of your plumbing system because when working properly, they safely carry away the dirty wastewater generated by day-to-day living. However, when your drains get back up or become clogged, you run the risk that your entire plumbing system may be compromised. Before long, your dirty wastewater may not be flushing properly, and you could notice that your entire drain system begins backing up and even potentially seeping through the drains. If this continues, you run the risk of flooding your home or other issues occurring with your pipes. When drains become clogged or damaged and stop working properly that unsanitary wastewater ends up right where you don’t want it – in your home! The key to fixing this plumbing issue is to call a plumber who specializes in drain cleaning services, that is where we come in. We take away the stress and headaches of dealing with frustrating clogged drains in a high-quality and professional manner so that you can get back to doing what you love. Whether it’s regular maintenance checks of your drains or if you need for us to have a team member stop by to help unclog a drain with a drain snake, it’s key to act quickly when issues arise or else you could be stuck with a large issue in your house. Not only would it be unpleasant for you and your family, but when left unfixed, it can lead to expensive plumbing bills. Leave your frustrating drain cleaning issues to the professionals at API Plumbing and give us a call now at 602-843-8474. Drain Cleaning Phoenix AZ - API Plumbing Ensure your drain system is working properly by signing up for our drain cleaning services. Arrange an appointment today by filling out our contact form.

Why Would You Need Drain Cleaning Services?

Drains all over the house, whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, can become clogged for a variety of different reasons. Cooking grease, hair buildup, soapy buildup, or too much food placed in a garbage disposal can accumulate on the sides of your drainpipes. The first indication of this to look out for is a shower or sink not draining as quickly as it normally does. To alleviate this issue quickly and to get great tips from your trusted drain cleaning plumbing company located in Phoenix, this would be the time to reach out to API Plumbing so that you can let the experts take care of this drain issue before it becomes a serious issue. Another common clogged drain that we see deals with the toilet caused by an excessive amount of toilet paper being flushed down the drain. It should be noted that trying to flush paper towels, baby wipes, hair, personal sanitary items, and other products that aren’t flushable will get stuck in your drains and cause a blockage. As a worst-case scenario, as the room for water to flow in the drain is reduced by the clog, drainage will slow down until the pipe is completely blocked. This leads to low water pressure, and even under-slab leaks, causing the need for expert drain cleaning services in Phoenix.

Top-Recommended Phoenix Drain Cleaning Service

It is recommended that you consider doing general drain cleaning services on a routine basis. However, many of the do-it-yourself products that you can buy, including chemical drain cleaners, plungers, snakes or augers (some of these methods can be found here), can be extremely dangerous to your drainpipes and leave them with a corroded inner-working. Instead of dealing with this frustrating situation, reach out to your drain cleaning service experts in the Phoenix area at API Plumbing to go over our variety of services for drain cleaning solutions. We offer regular maintenance and inspections for the drain piping in your home as well as emergency services for those unexpected stoppages. Here’s a small list of drain services that we provide:
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Video Inspection
  • Drain Line Locating
  • Drain Line Repair
  • Drain Line Replacement
We utilize cutting-edge technology in the plumbing services space such as video inspection of your pipes to uncover what the root of the issue is. Our main goal for all of our clients who come to us with drain cleaning issues in the Phoenix, AZ area is to prevent you and your family from dealing with future drain damage and to fix the underlying issues and to use best practices as you go about your daily life.

What Are the Benefits of Drain Cleaning for Phoenix Homeowners?

Nobody wants to have to worry about dirty water coming back up through the drains while they are cleaning dishes, taking a bath or brushing their teeth. However, this is often the case if drains go unattended and begin to accumulate debris and other elements of waste. However, drain cleaning from API Plumbing can break up that debris, flush your entire system and leave you with pipes that are completely free of obstructions that would otherwise be detrimental to your piping. Call API Plumbing now and let’s get started taking care of all of your drain cleaning issues. We also offer other services for your home drain systems, even if you aren’t currently having an issue with blockages with any specific drain. These include drain line locating, drain line repairs and drain line replacements. We work to set you up for success to keep your home safe and your pipes clean so that you have the peace of mind that unexpected plumbing issues won’t occur with the drains in your home.

What’s the Cost of Drain Cleaning Services in the Phoenix Area?

Every home has different needs for their drain cleaning services. Due to this, API Plumbing offers a variety of different options for those that need drain cleaning assistance from our team of expert plumbers. Depending on the severity of your pipes and how much work is needed will greatly determine the price that you pay. However, you can consider general drain cleaning as a preventative measure, which likely won’t cost you much at all. By doing preventative drain cleaning, you can avoid the possibility of much larger and more expensive problems occurring in the future. These larger drain issues can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of your hard-earned dollars due to not doing routine maintenance that is required for optimal results. The need for experienced, licensed drain cleaning services in Phoenix is never more apparent than when you are faced with a slow draining shower, a clogged toilet, a backed-up sink, or something much more destructive to your sewer lines. To ensure that you don’t get stuck with a large issue and expensive bill, we recommend to all of our customers to schedule routine drain cleaning maintenance and inspection with our professionals. Ready to schedule your maintenance? Reach out now at 602-843-9474 to learn more and schedule today.

Your Trusted Drain Cleaning Phoenix AZ Company

API Plumbing is locally owned and operated in the Phoenix AZ area. We take diligent care with each home that we operate on. Besides drain cleaning, we also offer a variety of other plumbing services that can keep your pipes clear and clean of buildup and debris that would potentially cause obstructions. In doing so, you can rest assured that you will have cleaner drainpipes that will last longer and make your home a safe environment to live in for you and your family. API Plumbing only employs licensed plumbers who go through an extensive background check before they ever put on our uniforms and step into our customer’s homes. Our staff works diligently to ensure that we protect your home from any further damage once we identify the drain issue. Call API Plumbing today to schedule a drain cleaning service for your home at 602-843-8474 now! Other plumbing services that we offer to our customers in the Phoenix, AZ area are the following: