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Water Softening Systems in Phoenix, AZ

API Plumbing is your trusted water softening systems provider in Phoenix, AZ. Our water treatment unit addresses hard water problems, particularly water quality impacted by mineral deposits. Hard water is what comes out of your pipes when it is untreated and when it contains calcium and magnesium ions, in addition to other minerals. Much of this comes since that the water is stored in your pipes until you turn on the faucet to refill your drinking water glass or to take a shower.

While hard water may not be entirely threatening to your daily health, water softeners can help make the water quality in your home much more suitable for daily use and consumption. We are your water softening systems specialists in the Phoenix area – reach out now and learn more about how adding these systems can improve your water quality now! Call API Plumbing now at (602) 843-847

Do I Need a Water Softening System for my Phoenix, AZ Home?

Are you getting tired of dealing with untreated hard water issues such as:

  • Scale buildup in your bathroom and kitchen faucets
  • Frequent clogging in drains
  • Frequent stains appearing in your sinks and toilet bowls
  • Soap curds sticking to laundry and while doing the dishes
  • Poor water flow due to restrictions in dishwashers, icemakers, and washing machines

These are just a few of the common household challenges that we’ve seen for customers who have untreated hard water from their city water source. That’s where API Plumbing comes in – we install state-of-the-art technology into your home with our water softening systems to help your home.

API Plumbing provides whole-house water softening system installations throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. We’ll work with you to decide the right system that makes sense depending on your unique needs and preferences. If you already have a water softening system in place but need help with maintenance or troubleshooting, we provide repairs and maintenance as well.

You can consider installing a water softening system into your Phoenix home immediately. The older your home and its piping are, the more dissolved calcium and magnesium will be built-up in the pipes. This buildup, referred to as scale, is then passed on through your pipes and into your home. However, by installing a water-softening unit, you can avoid these issues. Homeowners in the Phoenix, AZ area that are unhappy with their current water system, or those that are looking for cleaner water to drink and clean themselves with, can rely on a water softening system to help them get more pristine and safer water quality throughout their entire house.

Enjoy safe and clean water with API Plumbing. Fill out our contact form today to discuss your water treatment needs.

Benefits of Water Softening Systems for Residents in the Phoenix Area

A water softener in your home may seem like a novelty item to some. However, the benefits of a water softener show to be worth the investment. Water softeners will help clean your water before it passes through your faucets and into your home. While some people may use water filtration units for this same type of process, these units can be expensive, and they often need to be replaced quite often. Instead, a water softener will last in your home for many years. This means that once you install a water softener, you’ll be looking at nearly a decade of clean water that is safer for you to drink and softer on your skin. After all, if you think that magnesium and chlorine buildup is bad on the surfaces in your shower, imagine what it can do to your hair and body. With a water softener, you will not have to worry yourself with these concerns.

Water softening systems remove calcium, magnesium and other minerals from your water that combine to form scale. Scale can damage plumbing fixtures and appliances, leave spots and film on fixtures and glass. Just take a look at your drinking glasses, shower doors, and toilet bowls! Did you know that up to 70% of the soaps & detergents you use go towards breaking down the scale in the water and what’s leftover does the cleaning? A water softener will remedy all these problems. Have the experts at API Plumbing install one of our high-quality water softening systems today and you’ll not only feel the difference on your skin, but you’ll enjoy all the other benefits of soft water too.

What Are the Best Types of Water Softening Systems?

There are three mainstream and popular methods for water softening systems, each of the three types feature different technology to keep out the mineral buildup from the water that flows throughout your home.

The first is known as ion exchange or salt-based water softening system. This is the most effective and popular method used for water softening. It involves one tank that holds the resin beads that attract and capture hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and a second tank is used to hold the brine solution that helps to remove the hard minerals from the water supply. Although salt is used in this solution, we always make sure to tell our customers that this will not impact the taste of the water in your home and it won’t have a salty taste.

The second well-known water softening system is known as salt-free systems. Instead of utilizing sodium, these use potassium chloride to reduce the effects of hard water that is caused from by mineral buildup. If you are looking for a solution that requires less maintenance, this is the one that we would recommend for your home, as there is no need to monitor salt levels and stress around refilling the tank. Salt-free water softening systems are compact and take up much less space than the salt-based systems.

Finally, the third mainstream option is known as reverse osmosis. This system directs the flow of your water through a membrane that catches contaminants, impurities, and hard water minerals. This is a great option for our customers who are looking for a comprehensive water filtration system.

At API Plumbing, we pride ourselves on putting the customer’s interests always first. If you are looking for a reliable and proven water softening system, we typically will suggest going with a salt-based unit. If you instead would like a less maintenance option for maintaining your water softener, a great option is a salt-free solution. For customers who want a total home filtration system that targets and eliminates more than hard water, the reverse osmosis system is a fantastic fit.

Instead of acting like some competitors who would try to sell you the most expensive solution, we examine your particular needs and preferences to determine which water softening system makes the most sense for your home in the Phoenix, AZ area. We help you navigate the many different options available (a buying guide can be found here for a good overview) and will recommend the best system for you and your family. Give us a call now to learn more at (602) 843-8474 to start getting the water quality you deserve!

What is the Average Cost of a Water Softener Unit?

The price of a water softening system in the Phoenix, AZ area will depend on the unit that you get for your home. In most cases, a water softening unit will cost a few hundred dollars. While this initial investment may be more than what you would pay for a typical filtration unit, it’s important to note that these units last multiple years and other cheaper methods need to be replaced frequently and fail more often.

Most residents in the Phoenix, AZ area know that when using the water source provided for us without any type of filtration or water softening systems, within a few weeks to months it’s quite normal to see orange rings around the toilet bowls and bathtub sinks. This is due to the particularly hard water that we have in this area. We feel that our customers get a much better value for the money they spend on the water softening systems out in the valley than they do in other parts of the country. For that reason, we are available to help you make the right decision for your unique situation.

A water softening unit from API Plumbing can provide you with years of clean water. Whether you are using tap water to drink, clean or washing yourself with, your water must be clean and safe. API Plumbing will help you get a water softening system in your home and also be sure to provide you with any resources that you need along the way to ensure that it is a system that you are completely happy with for years to come. Call us now to learn more at (602) 843-8474!

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