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Preventing and Eliminating the, “IT”, from your Drain

Halloween is coming up and inside your home there lurks an enemy coming from the drains. No, it is not Tim Curry dressed as a clown and offering you a balloon. That is scary, but in adult world what could be equally as scary is that rising puddle of dark oily substance and, “dirt”, that rises from your faucets. If you have experienced this when trying to take a shower, it can be a frightening invasion of your private time. The monstrosity must be eliminated.

What is ”IT”?

What is coming out of the shower comes from a clog somewhere in your pipe network. This substance is an invasion and is very toxic to your welfare. It could be from a buildup of the septic system or could come from a blockage in the toilet or other places.

Instead of trying to avoid the ominous dark puddles mixing with your soap suds, you should seek some help immediately to eliminate this problem. You shouldn’t have to share your bathroom with these little bacteria monsters that wish to spread disease throughout your home. These things that make you shriek every time you pull the shower curtain closed.

What causes the Horror?

If you have trouble with your plumbing already, it could come from flushing excessive paper down the toilet. If this is the case, then it may just take a plumber to come to your home and snake down the drain to eliminate the clog. After it is removed, be mindful of what you flush down the toilet in the future. Do not put anything bulky down the drain.

Things that don’t flush well are tampons, condoms, excessive balls of toilet paper, wipes, oil, athletic socks, Christmas stockings, hamster wheels, dead goldfish, softballs or hardened spheres of glue. You get the idea? If you have a temperamental plumbing system, you have to be especially wise about what you flush. The pipes are not made for deep space equipped with a super huge suction system. Buildup of the pipes happens regularly.

Check All Areas for the Terror

Do you ever watch those horror movies where the victims try to find the murderer instead of simply running away? That is what you have to do with this drain demon, as well. You have to explore the piping architecture and hunt down the origin of it, just as the kids did against the maniacal clown.

If you can’t locate a simple clog in your shower drain, and have snaked it and still have the dirt and oozing puddles, it could be a more serious problem. Your drains are a complex network and if there is a clog in one area it can affect another area. Look in all areas for a clog. Be vigilant.

Investigate all of the vents under your sinks, or by your washing machine, or any other place where plumbing pipes are found. Also check the lateral, or main line, that leads outside of your home. All of these areas could be holding the leash of the beast that is threatening to spew from your shower drain.

If these places prove futile, you may have to pinch your nose and go into the caverns where the true monster lives.

In the horror film, the kids had to go deep into the sewer and use their imagination to defeat the strange creature with the bad teeth and propensity for balloons. You do not need much imagination to realize what could happen when the septic tank gets too full, but if you don’t drain it, balloons won’t be the only things that float around your lovely residence.

How often do you have your septic tank drained? Yes, we don’t like to think about it much but it is imperative to remove some filth to prevent an overpopulation problem. Your septic system should be drained every four years or so.

Steps to Eliminate the Horror

If it is a simple clog in the shower drain, the snake will do. Do not use chemicals that can create greater problems. Often times, we like to rely on a powerful dissolving agent, but what really happens is that it causes extensive pipe damage, creates dangerous fumes in the home, and may create more intense stoppages in the future.

An expert plumber understands how to treat the problem. What they use depends on how serious the clog is, if the pipes are breaking up from the inside, if the septic pump is malfunctioning, and other factors which would require closer examination.

However, if you want to be brash and take the beast head on, research how to properly flush the lines. Be wary about quick over-the-counter chemicals that could do more harm to your pipes. Also, find out how to troubleshoot your septic pump if you have one, and become educated on your specific plumbing setup in your home.

After eliminating this drain villain, hopefully, it will not come back to haunt you. I could make another “It” reference, but I think everyone has had enough of those by now.

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