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Tips For Choosing A New Sink For Your Home

Whether you are looking for a bit of added value in your home or you simply want a nice upgrade that you can enjoy for yourself, a kitchen or bathroom remodel can add a facelift to your entire house. When you consider the fact that your kitchen is often a common place where friends and family will meet for food and fun, it only makes sense that this room should be a centerpiece of your home. In addition, the bathroom is another place where you probably spend a lot of time, especially when getting ready for work or winding down after a long day. If you are thinking about adding a new sink to your home, here are some things that you should consider to help make for an easier switch.


Size and Space

One of the biggest factors that you are going to have to consider when making your decision is how much room you have for adding a new sink. If you are lucky enough to have a double-sink vanity in your bathroom, this will certainly give you plenty of extra options to consider. In the kitchen, you want to make sure that your sink is large enough to properly clean all of your dishes, without it being something that limits the amount of countertop space that you have.


In most homes, we recommend a kitchen sink that has two bowls. We find that many customers prefer this over single bowls, as it allows them more space to prepare food or clean up after a meal. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we can help you install your new double-bowl sink in your kitchen. Or if you need help with the bathroom, we have you covered there as well.


Color And Appearance

Depending on the rest of the accent colors in your home, this could drastically change the color options that you consider when installing a new sink. For those that have black countertops, there are sink options that match the same color scale. But even if you want to keep it simple with stainless steel or even white, we can help you find that as well. The choice is yours when choosing a color for your new sink, so be sure to consider other parts of your bathroom or kitchen and how it will match with the new additions that you are making.


Easy To Clean

Nobody enjoys cleaning their sinks. If you’re an exception to the rule, then maybe you can come help us out a bit! But in all seriousness, cleaning up a sink can be a huge hassle. Not only do you have to clean everything out of the sink, but then you’ll also have to scrub to keep your surface areas free of buildup and bacteria. Therefore, look for a sink that is easy to clean and maintain. We can help you find a sink that is made from materials that are easier to clean, which means less cleanup and more free time for you.



Sinks have come a long way in recent years. Thanks to the help of technology, there are now automated sinks that will turn on without you even turning the faucet. While this may be at the top of the list for cool features, it also may be more than you need for your home. When you are determining what functionality you want for your new sink, whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, be sure to consider your budget and the value that it will add to your home. Keep in mind that adding a sink to your home is not just something for brushing your teeth or cleaning your dishes, but it’s also an investment that will add value to your property in the future.


Installing Your New Sink

After you have picked out your new sink, the last thing that you’ll have to do is install it. However, installing a new sink on your own can be tricky. Not only will you need to make sure that all of your pipes are lined up, but you’ll also need special tools to remove and discard of your old sink. If this seems like a big task that you don’t want to take on, rely on API Plumbing to help you install your new sink. Our professional experience will leave you satisfied with the end result.


A new sink is a simple addition that can add a lot of benefits to your home. For some, an outdated bathroom may need an entire makeover that includes a new sink. For others, a new kitchen sink could be the perfect addition to your existing cabinets and countertops. Whatever it is, consider these tips for picking out the perfect kitchen sink. And when you’re ready to install it, we’ll be here to help.


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